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How does age affect intimate life in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond?

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The word bed room act itself triggers adrenaline rush and excitement in almost everyone.  Diet, health, physical and emotional wellbeing, men’s power etc., play important roles in making bed play an enjoyable and fulfilling activity. 


Age is another factor that determines the quality of bed room act.  Does the interest for bed play ooze out as your time ticks by?  Read on to know more about it

Bed play in your 20s

In teens, the age limit for experimenting with “bed play” has fallen down drastically.  A survey done in India establishes that many girls and boys have had their first bed play experience by the time they reach 16 and 14 years respectively, and by the time they reach their 20s, they are lot more experienced.


In your 20s, you have the stamina, the interest, and time for it.  Each time you get into the act, you don’t shy away from trying new bed play positions, new 4play techniques, and other techniques that can spice up your bed room act. Most important, you are blessed with a stamina that fuels you into the act two to three times a day. 

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Bed play in your 30s

The excitement may not match that of when you were in the 20s, but still the fire is bright and on.  You might have learnt more moves, you might still want more, and you will still try out new things.

In your 30s, bed play becomes a cozy act, you want to enjoy it, finish it off, and sleep for the rest of the night, it becomes more of an emotional need. By now, you know the likes and dislikes of your partner, intimacy matters here, action comes next.Bed room act also becomes a planned activity for some, might be due to job and financial stress, bringing up children, and lifestyle diseases etc.  Still the zest and fire for the act is more evident in your 30s, but experimentation with bed act starts taking a backseat.

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Bed play in your 40s

You start missing 20s, not because your desire for bed play has come down, but the zest, vigor, and stamina needed for it is no more the same as it was in your 20s.  Diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness starts taking their positions in your life.  Bed play from three times a day in the 20s can come down to 3 times a month, sometimes even lesser, and the worst; you might not even talk of it.  Sometimes even if you get into the act, you want it to end fast, and doze off to a deep sleep.

love at 50 years

Bed play in your 50s

In your 50s, bed play becomes an offbeat subject, rarely you discuss about it, being together makes more sense than the action. Bed play becomes an uphill task, an achievement if you can please each other with a climax, you might have the desire, but your body doesn’t support you.  The hormones estrogen and testosterone which fired you up in the 20s has fizzled out in your 50s.  Never mind, you still have it but if you both are ready.

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Bed play in your 60s and beyond

Bed play is no more a topic, leave alone hot, that you and your partner talk.  You crave togetherness, rather than bed play.  Sometimes you cuddle and fondle, but you rarely end up doing the act. You can still try, but if you fail, don’t worry.  There is another day, the next day.  Try it when both are ready, you might be lucky enough to have a climax.


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