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chest exercise

“We lust your chest!” – screamed the young girl fans of a Bollywood star when he was coming of a hotel in Bandra. Broad muscular chest has always been a symbol of manliness and chivalry.


Not just the young girl fans  but ask any woman, they all love man with good chest. These videos are for those who would like a pumped up chest but cant afford to spend time in a gym. Here are some simple highly effective pushup techniques to help you steal lusty glances where ever you go!


Watch the selected videos below:

1) 5 Advanced Push-Up Exercises for a Bigger Chest


2) 3 Advanced Push-Up Techniques for a Bigger Chest

3) Big Chest Home Workout Without Weights


Image courtesy : thefitnessroad.com

Video Courtesy : moricestreet909 , moricestreet909 , vicsnatural

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