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The gluteus maximus and the gluteal medius muscles superimposed by a layer of fat forms your butt. 


Physiologically, butt helps lift off the weight from your leg while sitting.  It is truly an evolutionary perfection.  But did you ever know that the shape of your butt can tell a lot about your overall health?

Diabetes and heart diseases

Researchers at the Oxfod University and Churchill Hospital say that the shape of a woman’s rear can predict how close she is to developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  Excess fat in and around the chest and abdominal area is a sure sign to developing heart disease as well as diabetes; it is due to the fatty acid deposits being so close to the heart. 


On the other hand, extra fat deposits in the butt area helps to keep fatty acids away from the heart and the arteries, thus preventing the onset of diabetes and heart diseases. 


moderate butt


A moderate layer of butt fat is healthy but an extra large butt can lead to hemorrhoids.  Swollen veins in and around the anus and lower rectum can trigger hemorrhoids.  The condition is aggravated by straining and constipation during bowel movement.  Intake of food low in fiber can lead to hemmorrhoids, obesity is another reason. 

Steroid creams can give you relief from itchy and painful hemorrhoids.  The best way to prevent hemorrhoids is to make a few dietary and lifestyle changes.

bit large butt


A larger than normal butt can lead to folliculitis wherein hair follicles in around the butt and upper thigh area get inflammed with reddish pimple-like bumps resembling pimples on the face.  Bacteria and fungus can also cause folliculitis.  Use of topical creams can get it cleared, but visitng a dermatologist would be a better option.

large butt

Reasoning power

Women with wider and larger butts have a great reasoning power and are immune to chornic illnesses says scientists. According to them, extra butt fat is a sure protection against diabetes and heart diseases and also obesity.  Scientists are also of the opinion that women with bigger rears have less cholesterol and possess a faster sugar metabolizing capabiliy.


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