Healthiest Plants for Your Home

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5 Ways to Keep Houseplants Healthy

  1. Inspect plants before bringing them indoors. If they show signs of pests or disease, cure the problem before you infect your other indoor plants.
  2. Avoid placing plants in trouble spots, such as near heat or air conditioning ducts, on television or a radiator or between curtains and a frosty window.
  3. Provide the right light. Plants that require full sun will thrive in a south-facing window. East-and west-facing windows have moderate sun. North windows have very little sun.
  4. Remember that air conditions can be very dry in the winter because of heated air. You can provide a little extra humidity with a pebble tray and some misting.
  5. Always plant in sterile soil. That will minimize problems with fungus gnats and other soil-borne diseases.


Indoor Plants Benefits

There are many benefits of indoor plants. The mere presence of plants in our surroundings bring a feeling of refreshment. Plants are not just decorative items used to stuff the vacant space. The most important benefit of indoor plants is their ability to absorb carbon dioxide. In return they emit oxygen in the surroundings. It helps in cleansing the air. They also absorb harmful chemicals and toxins. The experiments conducted to test the absorption capacity of indoor plants have yielded excellent results.


Effects on mind

Plants are also known to have de-stressing effects on the mind. The green color that the plants possess relaxes the mind. Placing plants in offices have resulted in the rise in productivity of employees. According to the studies conducted, the offices having enough plants in the premises have witnessed drop in absenteeism and enhancement in the creativity of employees. The minor health problems like fatigue, headaches, etc. saw reduction to a considerable extent.

The image and look of the office is spruced by the incorporation of plants. It also utilizes the vacant spots in an efficient manner.

Effects on Children

Other than the de-stressing effects of indoor plants, they hold many more benefits. Children can learn about different species of plants if planted indoors. Spending time in the vicinity of plants not only gives provides satisfaction, but also helps in learning many things. It is possible to give indoor gardening lessons to children by means of indoor plants. Planting trees in premises of schools is also a good practice. It generates a calming effect and helps in soothing the mind. The Royal College of Agriculture located in Cirencester, United Kingdom, had conducted an experiment to monitor the behavior of children in the presence of plants. The restlessness and other behavioral symptoms among children in rooms having plants reduced by 70%.

Prevent noise pollution

The plants also act as filters that absorb noise. It helps in the relaxation of nervous system, which is under tremendous stress throughout the day. Potted plant placed in hospitals prove quick recovery and healing in the patients.

Having plants in the indoor as well in the surroundings, has numerous benefits. The plants help in making our lives better.


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