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It is touted that every step taken towards eating fruits helps you be at your best and that fruits are essential for both physical and mental health. And we can’t argue much against it.


You might be surprised to know that there are some fruits that increase weight and not aid in weight loss. The sugar content of these fruits is high enough to increase weight contrary to the common belief that fruits help to lose weight.

For those who need to gain weight, adding high-calorie fruit is a healthy way to go, as it also provides much-needed vitamins and minerals. Fruit can also be combined with other ingredients into milkshakes, smoothies, baked goods or other recipes to further increase the calorie total. Eat the most fattening varieties, and you can reach your goal quickly.



Banana is a high-calorie fruit. It has a calorie count of 105 per banana. Due to the high calorie content, it is one fruit you have to avoid if you are on a weight loss regime. Banana is good for people who want to increase their weight with healthy calories.

Dried fruits

All the dried fruits, including raisins, cashew, nuts and almonds, contain saturated fats and calories. These fruits increase weight of the body. Weight loss tips suggest it should not include any dry fruits because of its rich content of calories.


As delicious and tempting the king of fruit is, it is equally weight increasing and results in rise of calories. Therefore, there must be a control when you are consuming this fruit. Mangoes are quite heavy and have a high calorie content of approximately 100 calories each fruit. Therefore, mangoes are one of the fruits that increase weight.


Figs have a lot of calories – around 111 calories. Therefore, even if you cannot control the urge to eat this fruit, you must try to avoid them. These are some fruits that you must avoid when you are eating fruits on a weight loss regime. Instead, opt for berries, oranges, apples and watermelon to lose weight.


eating figs


Avocados are actually fruits, not vegetables. They have the highest number of calories of any fruit — approximately 400 calories per medium avocado, with a high fat content. They also contain nearly 20 vitamins. Avocados can be made into guacamole and eaten with tortilla chips to increase the calorie intake even further, or they can be added to salads, a hamburger, or even a pineapple smoothie.

The Weight Gain Shake – Recipe for Banana Milkshake

Ingredients: 1-2 bananas, ½- 1 glass of milk, sugar (optional), vanilla extract, ice cream (optional), and almonds.

Add sliced bananas into a blender. Add a glass of milk along with ice into the blender. Add a scoop of ice cream. Add 4-5 almonds. Blend and mix the ingredients in the blender until it becomes smooth and a thick juice. Pour into glasses and add sugar if needed. Serve and enjoy.

Smoothies for Weight Gain

Smoothie is a blended and sometimes sweetened beverage made from fresh fruit (fruit smoothie) and in special cases can contain chocolate or peanut butter. In addition to fruit, many smoothies include crushed ice, frozen fruit, honey or contain syrup and ice ingredients. They have a milkshake-like consistency and can also contain milk, yogurt, or ice cream.

Smoothies can be a delicious way to drink concentrated nutrients and get your essential daily fiber from raw fruits and vegetables. You can make them with a wide variety of ingredients, depending on your nutritional needs and tastes. Smoothies can help you gain weight in a healthy way if you use calorie-dense, nutritious ingredients.

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Process 1 cup of whole milk and a fresh or frozen banana in a blender until smooth in consistency. Whole milk contains 3.25 percent fat; a cup provides about 146 calories. Bananas are high in natural sugars and contain about 105 calories on average. Use juice, almond milk or soy milk instead of milk if you prefer. Add a tablespoon of cashews, peanuts or almonds to the smoothie and blend again. Nuts are high in healthy unsaturated fats and are calorie-dense. Alternatively add peanut butter, which contains 100 calories per tablespoon.

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of whey protein powder to the basic smoothie and blend until the powder is dissolved. This type of protein can help you build muscle mass if you are trying to gain weight. Whey protein is derived from milk and contains essential amino acids and other nutrients.

Flavor your smoothie with 1 tablespoon of honey or cocoa powder and blend until uniformly mixed. Honey offers natural sweetening and contains 60 calories per tablespoon. Dark, unsweetened cocoa powder has antioxidants and provides about 12 calories per tablespoon. You also can flavor a smoothie with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg powder.


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