Fight this Mental Pain – Depression

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My friends no more remain my friends, my self-confidence has taken a beating, I am plagued with feelings of low self-esteem, my energy levels are low, I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, nothing in the world can make me feel better or happy, I am helpless and hopeless; all these feelings are symptoms of someone in depression.


If you are one among those who like to keep away from depression, EHC brings to you five proven means that can be applied to combat depression.

Fight this inner voice. 

Depression is a powerful negative state of mind.  It is an enemy that thrives within you; it tries to replace your realistic positive ways of thinking with negative thinking, slowly tries to take precedence over your thought process, and then completely enslave you.  But you have a go.  Instead of listening to this negative voice, fight it out.  Don’t listen to it.  If you cannot manage to fight it out yourself, seek professional help.  Depression, like any other disease, is treatable.  Timely counseling + medical intervention + your wholehearted participation in therapies will help you combat depression.


Don’t brood over the past

Brooding over the past can help you with anxiety, panic, and depression.  Can you change the past, you can’t.  You can only learn from it.  It is an experience.  If that experience was a bad one, try not to repeat it.  Always accept the truth, past is past.  Don’t hang around it and ruin your present.  You have to let go the past to have a better future.


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Don’t shut yourself away from the world

You are in a state of sadness, emotional upheaval, or anger, your inner voice tempts you to isolate yourself from your near ones, shut yourself off in a room, and not to bother others with your problems.  Don’t listen to this voice.  Isolation is not the answer.  Staying away from everyone and in isolation would only aggravate the situation. Reaching out to your friends or someone who is in a similar situation like you, would help a lot.  Go out with your friends, have fun, get positive advices, feel good, get a feeling that your friends understand you, and it will lift up your spirits.

Replenish your energy

When you are in depression, your energy levels plummet.  You tend to isolate yourself, eat inconsistently, laze around, and keep away from your friends.  Don’t fall a victim to this behavior.  Get up and go for a walk, play a game of tennis, or hit the gym.  Research has proven that physical activity of any kind helps keep depression away.  Exercise stimulates your CNS and pituitary gland to release endorphins, neurotransmitter, that elevates your mood.

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Seek help

Seek the help of a professional therapist if you think that you alone cannot combat your depression.  You don’t have to be ashamed.  Like any other disease which needs medical attention, even chronic depression needs medical attention.  Be brave enough to seek a professional therapist’s help to combat depression.


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