Facial Yoga aka Defy Your Age

facial yoga

Youthful bright skin in just days – with no expensive creams or invasive procedures. That is the promise of facial yoga, a method of breathing and stretching exercises developed to rejuvenate and firm up facial muscle and tissue.


Regularly exercising the muscles in the face and neck can improve muscle tone, just as it can in other parts of the body. Stimulating muscles and nerves improves blood flow to the area, stimulating collagen production that keeps skin tight and less prone to wrinkles. A lot of wrinkles are the result of the facial habits associated with emotions and facial yoga relaxes your face and clear your mind. It is known to be a wonderful anti-aging exercise but just make sure you don’t go overboard and pull or strain your facial muscles too hard.


Take a peek into some of our favorite videos on anti-aging exercises to do at home.



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