Extramarital affairs and its possible solutions

extramarital affair

Tips for Husband’s to find wives affair

1) A Change in her Physical Appearance

Women who cheat often want to impress or entice the individual they are having inappropriate relations with. When doing so, they often change or improve their appearance. If she starts paying more attention to their weight or buys new clothes, they may be having an affair. If your wife has gone through a change in appearance, it could be a sign that she is cheating on you. Switching perfumes or wearing it more often can be another sign of cheating.

2) Distance or Lack of Communication

Until you recently started noticing a problem, how was your communication with her? If she has recently stopped talking to you or distanced herself from you at home, there is a good chance that she may be cheating on you. This is because she may be afraid of making a mistake and talking about the affair or she may already be discussing her problems with someone else.

3) She Constantly Works Late

Depending on her career, she really may have to work late. With that said, be on the lookout for changes and use your best judgment. Has your wife all of a sudden started working late? In terms of using your best judgment, know what careers often call for late nights, such as lawyers, doctors, and so forth.

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4) She Spend Too Much Time with Friends

Spending time with friends does not always signal a cheater. In fact, healthy relationships also depend on healthy outside friendships. With that said, be sure to use your best judgment.

5) You Don’t Know Where she is-one of the bigger signs of a cheating wife.

When you are married, there is never really any reason why you shouldn’t know where your spouse is, especially late at night or for long periods of time. If you do not know, chances are she is cheating. When she arrives home, they better have a good reason for being late or not letting you know where they were. If she goes into a long complicated story. That’s a good sign she is lying. The truth is usually short and simple. When she is nervous she will over think the lie and just ramble on.

6) You Hear Rumors, Cheating wife rumors from different sources-also a top sign.

Many women are not careful about cheating. This often involves them telling someone or someone seeing them out on a date. In these types of situations, people often talk. Listen to what you hear. If people are telling you that your wife or girlfriend is cheating, it might be time to start listening.

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7) No Sex or decreased amount of affection.

Has your relationship recently become sex-free or has the sex that you do have decreased in intensity and in frequency. Has the sex changed? Is she doing something differently that she had not done before? A new technique?  Sure she could be watching sex tapes and learning new stuff. But it could also be a sexual preference of the guy she is seeing on the side. Question yourself about it. There is a good chance that your spouse is cheating on you. Women who get sex elsewhere don’t always need to have it again when they return home. A change in the amount of affection that your wife gives you could be seen as a sign of having an affair. For example, has your love life been happy and healthy in the past? Was your relationship filled with fun, adventure, and great sex? If so, has that changed? If your wife no longer compliments you as she did before or does something as simple as pull away during a kiss, an affair may be going on. Many cheating women try to avoid close contact with their husbands in fear of getting caught or letting their guilt show.

8) You Are Accused of Cheating

In today’s society, cheating is a major concern. If your wife accuses you of cheating, have you been displaying behavior that may lead them to that conclusion? If you haven’t, there is a good chance that they are accusing you of cheating to make themselves feel less guilty.

9) Hearing the Phrase “We are Just Friends”

The “just friends,” phrase is a big sign of a cheater. As with all other friendships, it is important to use your best judgment

10) A Bad Feeling

Bad feelings are not something that should be easily dismissed. If you have reason to believe that your wife is cheating, they may be. If you do not want to be in a relationship with a cheater, it is important for you to follow your heart. Take additional steps to see if they are truly cheating.

11) Secrecy

A wife becoming more secretive can often point to an extramarital affair. For example, does your wife spend too much time on the phone or the internet? If so, what does she say when you ask her what she is doing? If you receive a “nothing,” or a “not your business,” response, something may be going on.

12) Changes in accounting ,paying bills and household book keeping. One of the simplest ways to catch a cheating wife is to start paying the house bills. In most relationships, this is the woman’s responsibility, but make it yours. By doing this you can examine your wife’s cell phone bills. Does it show what phone numbers are called or what numbers text messages and pictures are received from? Also, closely examine credit card bills.

13. Watch your partner to see if they keep the phone constantly by their side; such as during bathroom breaks, taking a shower, or stepping outside to take out the trash. This may be a sign that your partner doesn’t want you to access their phone. Observe your partner for increased mobile phone activity; such as more phone calls or excessive text messaging.Some partners may also alter the settings on their mobile phones to enable security codes or phone locks. This may be done to prevent you from accessing their personal data such as contact phone numbers or messages.

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