Eat Right to Build Muscle

food for building muscles

I enthusiastically remember how i used to admire the posters of Arnold Schwarznegger. His bulging biceps and the chiselled six pack were the sizzlers for the guys back then.


The favorite pastime of our seniors was to rattle us with Arnold’s food menu. “He eats 22 apples, 28 oranges, 40 pancakes, 18 eggs, and a full roasted lamb for breakfast.” We had to believe it looking at the champion body. Actually for Arnold, that single breakfast menu would have been enough for a month!

Watch these videos to know how your diet will help build your muscles. I’m sure this will be the game changer!




Image & Video courtesy: gnet.orgsixpackshortcuts , moricestreet909 , Furious Pete , JCFitnessExperience

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