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Have you ever given a serious thought to your innerwear? What kind would a woman or man wear? Traditionally, men wore the same innerwear their fathers wore.

There seems to be a little bit more choices for women. But gone are the days when your innerwear options were limited to black or white, brief or bikini. It is important that you feel great in your outfit, and it’s hard to feel so when you are adjusting straps or scratching because your outfit itches. Wearing right kind of innerwear makes you feel comfortable and helps to carry yourself with an ease. EHC brings you more aspects which you should consider for choosing right innerwear.

Undergarments are clothes that are worn next to the skin and hence in a way are closest to our body. They keep our body protected from the harsh outer wear and also protect outer garments from being soiled by bodily secretions and discharges. Due to all these reasons, innerwear must be of the best quality possible as they are the ones that remain in direct contact with the body for the maximum time. Ideally, one must actually buy the best material to be worn as innerwear but we hardly think about it this way.

How to Choose the Right Innerwear

Choosing Right Color

Always choose light-colored undergarments so that they do not look odd through the outfits you wear. Choose dark colored innerwear only when your outfit is of dark color. Once you are dressed up, stand in front of the mirror and make sure that the innerwear is not at all visible from any side.

Selecting Right Size

Select the right size. You might need to try to see whether it is a perfect fit or not. Choose your underwear, especially bra, that is neither too tight nor loose. You should feel comfortable after wearing them.

Selecting Style

Before buying the bra, make sure you know exactly what style you want to buy. If your size is small, you can go for balcony or half cup bras especially when you want to enhance your cleavage through your outfit. Choose a full cup bra if your size is larger as it will help you provide the right support. Try the bras first if you are changing your style or your breast size has increased.

Brand Loyalty

Do not change your brand often. It is good to choose the brand that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. See that the quality of the shoulder straps is good and they fit on your shoulders perfectly.


Look for quality fabrics. Fabric can be a big cause of discomfort when wearing underwear, especially if it is scratchy, sweat-inducing, doesn’t breathe, and feels awful. Feel the material for smoothness, softness and comfort. If it feels too thin or too thick, keep looking. Thick fabrics can bunch up and look unsightly or feel scratchy. Cotton is always a favorite because it breathes well and is very easy to care for.

Buying Inner Pants

When choosing the panty of your size, see that it helps you sit down and stand without squeezing or keeping loose.

For underpants, compare your waist and hip size to the size charts that are usually printed on the back of underpants, boxers, etc. Sometimes the store will have a chart on display. The key things to look for include symmetry, snug but not binding openings around legs and waist, no digging into the skin, and the gusset (crotch) must be smooth and flat, not tight, sagging, or riding up.

Check for the tightness of any elastic bands. An elastic band that feels too tight will constrict you. A good pair of underwear should not leave marks on your body after wear.

Remove tags from the underwear after purchase. These can cause scratching and rubbing problems if you’re sensitive to them.

Care for Your Innerwear

Good care for underwear is essential for prolonging its life and ensuring that you get the most comfort from it. For example, poorly washed bras can cause the underwires to poke through and hurt you when wearing. Here are some ideas to help you get started on good underwear maintenance:

Store underwear as follows:

  • Folded and stacked neatly in draws with like-styles stacked together.
  • For ease of access, bras, underpants, and socks should be stored separately from one another.
  • Bras can be stored hanging from notched hangers.
  • Never spray scent on your underwear, as it could cause great discomfort. If your underwear smells musty after having them stored for a long period of time, rewash them.
  • Replace underwear regularly. It is not a good idea to hold onto your underwear well beyond its useful life. As the underwear sags and loses its shape, dispose of it and replenish your supply.

Tips to Remember While Selecting Bra

An excellent bra should be the ground work to any ladies clothing collection. An ill-suitable bra will display bulge, bumps, and irregular shape in contrast to providing the appropriate assistance for your torso and emphasizing your body in a style to suit both your figure and your way of life.

It is recommended that wearing the bra for more than 12 hours is not healthy. This helps the lymph to flow inside your breasts. So while looking for style and looks, do not forget the health point of view.

Make sure the cup size is right by seeing that it holds the breast properly and there is a smooth line above the cup area where both the breasts meet. Move your arms and stretch to see whether the bra is giving you the right support and keeps your arms free or not. Try the clothing that you wish to wear and see how it looks under the clothing.

Buying Padded Bras

If your breast size is smaller, you can opt for padded bra. Try for different styles and models as all of them look and feel differently and you might need different styled ones for different outfits.

The wrong undergarments can ruin your look. But the right ones will give you license to wear just about anything by accentuating your figure to its best advantage.

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