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Avocado for Stronger Erections

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Avocado is colloquially known as the Alligator Pear, reflecting its shape and the leather-like appearance of its skin.


Avocado is derived from the Aztec word “ahuacati.” It is a juicy exotic fruit, from the tree Persea Americana, which is native to Mexico and Central America. It is believed to help with increasing libido, losing weight, and getting rid of excess cholesterol in the blood. In Mexico and now worldwide, this fruit is used as an aphrodisiac.

The Aztecs referred to avocados as, ahem, testicles, because of their physical shape. But the scientific reason why avocados make sense as an aphrodisiac is that they are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fat, making them good for your heart and your arteries. Anything that keeps the heart beating strong helps keep blood flowing to all the right places.


A large percentage of the male population battles with erectile dysfunction. Reasons may include diabetes, high-pressure, high cholesterol, pelvic surgery, penile infections, stress, spinal cord injuries, alcohol addiction, smoking, and recreational drug use. A natural remedy for it is the inclusion of avocado in your diet. Over the years through use and observation, Red Indians came to know about their aphrodisiac properties and even recommended it for increasing male potency. Even today, the symbolic representation of avocado for erectile dysfunction has struck and people continue to use this fruit for the same reason. The Spanish colonizers also noticed that avocados are male potency foods. Sailors also knew the excitation properties of avocado they used avocado as foods for potency.

Avocado has a small amount of carbohydrates and sugars in the fruit, no cholesterol and harmful fats. The avocados are substances which convert the excess cholesterol in the blood. Avocados contain lots of vitamins: A, B, C, D, E. Avocado contains 30% of oil and 2% of protein. This fruit has more potassium than a banana.

Thiamine – Vitamin B1

Fruit contains thiamine and riboflavin in large quantity. Thiamine (vitamin B1) plays an important role in the processes of metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, vitamin B1 is needed for growth and development. This vitamin contributes to the normal work of the heart, the nervous and digestive systems, as well as helps for male potency and stronger erections.



Riboflavin – Vitamin B2

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is very important for human health. It is required for formation of red blood bodies, for the regulation of growth and reproductive functions in the human body. Vitamin helps to keep skin healthy, regulates hair growth, he helps maintain sexual health and health as a whole.

Low Calories

With all the virtues of avocado, its caloric content is low: in 100 grams around the 160 calories. One of the reasons why this fantastic fruit can increase male potency and deal with erectile dysfunction is because it is full of healthy nutrients.

Fights Cholesterol

Sugar and carbohydrate amounts in it are small with no harmful fats and cholesterol. The beneficial property of this fruit is that it is able to remove the excess cholesterol from the blood. This makes this an ideal remedy for erectile dysfunction, especially if your problem is due to high blood cholesterol.

Thiamine & Riboflavin

Presence of thiamine in avocado makes it beneficial in increasing the rate of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Besides helping in improving the function of the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems, thiamine also facilitates sexual health in males. In short avocado is can cure erectile dysfunction. Riboflavin facilitates the formation of RBCs and help to improve blood circulation. Growth and development of the sexual organs is another function of this vital vitamin. Avocado helps cure erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow to the genitals.

High Nutrients

The high nutrient content in this fruit makes it a natural cure for erectile dysfunction. Nutritionists believe that presence of beta-carotene, magnesium, vitamin E, and potassium help it to bring on strong sexual desire and combat male impotency in the process.

Avocado Smoothie for Greater Libido

It is basically packed with nutrients essential to a healthy love life. Its ingredients are 1 ripe avocado, peeled and pitted; 2 frozen bananas; ½ cup frozen blueberries; 1 cup cranberry juice; 1 cup coconut milk; 2 teaspoon chia seeds, soaked in ½ cup water.

Soak chia seeds for at least 30 minutes. Place all ingredients, including the chia gel in a blender and blend until creamy. Pour into two glasses. Sip slowly.


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