Adult Material Addiction: Why & How Does it Matter?

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Alex started experimenting with adult materials on the internet. Once the high-tech play superhighway got rolling, he couldn’t stop. Soon he was stockpiling adult materials on computer discs and phone. He even went to extent of videotaping himself performing obscene acts on a 5-year-old female relative. Adult material radically alters human behavior.

The specific effects of adult material addiction are long lasting and they can influence the life in a negative manner; the person who is addicted to adult material may experience different level of dissatisfaction when it comes to his own life.

What is Adult Material Addiction?

A general definition of any addiction is a behavior repeated over and over again despite negative consequences to oneself or others. Once a person becomes addicted to an activity, behavior, substance, or feeling, he or she will usually require some form of intervention to stop the addiction. Adult material addiction, a type of process addiction, is predicated upon an ever-growing need to see adult material explicit images. [wp_ad_camp_4] Adult material addictions are viewed as part of a larger group of symptoms called adult material addictions, and are specifically considered process addictions. Process addictions are addictions to an activity or process. Other process addictions include gambling, compulsive shopping, and overeating. Statistics indicate that a large percentage of those who suffer from adult material addiction, including an internet adult material addiction, will suffer the loss of marriage and career. Similar to what occurs in drug and alcohol addiction, neuro-chemical changes occur in the brain which contributes to the maintenance of adult material addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Adult Material Addiction

Adult material addiction can create signs and symptoms that directly impair normal day-to-day functioning in those who suffer from it. Most notable are legal issues such as viewing illegal obscene literature, or social issues. Those addicted to adult material may have limited playful relations with their partners, or otherwise strained relationships. Other interpersonal relationships are also affected due to time spent in isolation viewing adult material explicit images. [wp_ad_camp_2] watching tv

Signs and Symptoms of Adult Material Addiction

  • Obsession with adult materials (including internet x-rated material).
  • Increasing focus on viewing adult material.
  • Decreasing time spent doing other activities.
  • Decreasing time spent with others.
  • Increasing time spent using adult material in self satisfying playful behaviors.
  • Decreasing time spent attending to personal responsibilities and relationships.
  • Increased risk of unprotected play encounters.
  • Use of drugs or alcohol to heighten play experiences.

Consequences of Adult Material Addiction

  • Intimate relationships are severely damaged or terminated.
  • Increased sense of self shame and guilt.
  • Interference with work or school productivity including loss of career.
  • Financial insecurity.
  • Legal troubles.
  • Greater risk of dissolution of marriage.
  • Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases (hepatitis C, HIV, etc.).
  • It is best to seek appropriate help at a adult material addiction treatment center that can address all accompanying problems.

When is is Adult Material Healthy?

  • When you watch it as a playful release.
  • When there is a healthy curiosity.
  • When you watch it along with your partner or when consenting adults are involved.
  • When it is used as a medium to release stress.

 When is Adult Material Unhealthy?

  • When adult literature has taken control over your life.
  • When you prefer adult literature over your partner.
  • When adult material is all you think of.
  • When you cannot distinguish between reality and fiction.

Adult Material Addiction Treatment

  1. Make sure that you know you are an addict. An addiction to anything is defined when it interferes with other aspects of your life.
  2. Throw away any adult material you have. That includes anything vaguely resembling adult material. If there are any magazines with thinly clad women, get rid of them. If you have any novels involving intimate acts, get rid of those. Also get rid of anything that causes you to think about play.
  3. Get rid of your internet connection. That way, you can only access internet in public places, where the temptation of adult material is less likely. If you must use the Web at home, install filtering software that would block adult material sites.
  4. Find something else to do to occupy your time and mind, so you won’t think about adult material. Be outgoing, and spend time with friends.
  5. Do not feed your lusts. Seek support from a local priest or member of clergy. Understand that life is not an x-rated film.
  6. Find a support group. Note, however, that many support groups are religious in nature and take the stance that adult material is simply bad in any degree. If you do not agree with this stance, then the support may not help you.
  7. Go to a qualified therapist who can provide guidance.

Way Out of Adult Materials

  1. Don’t develop emotions that drive you to feel guilty after watching any adult content.
  2. This addiction is curable by looking inward and finding who you are.
  3. Find what makes you feel good (that which makes you happy).
  4. Don’t let yourself be carried away by false guidance.
  5. Be creative in doing things that you like. Feel the joy of the results you get.
  6. Develop a self defensive technique that you are only going to listen to your true voice, not any other rubbish around you.
  7. To drive your emotions better, do listen to inspirational speeches and songs that make you to move on to succeed (which makes you not think of adult material).
  8. Love the work you do and share your love of that work.
  9. Bring joy to your surroundings by sharing your creativity.
  10. Help others who struggle to overcome addiction to the adult materials and by the time you realize that play is a part of life meant to make a good life and it’s not a tool of un-humanistic feeling which is to be abused.

Adult material addiction treatment may fall under the broader treatment protocol of playful addiction treatment. A person’s mental and physical health will determine whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is appropriate. If the addict suffers from a mental health disorder and/or drug or alcohol addiction as well, medications such as anti-depressants (determined by a full evaluation and diagnosis) may be prescribed. Adult material addiction treatment provides addicts with the knowledge to make healthy, life-affirming choices. [wp_ad_camp_3] Image courtesy: ,

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