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8 Foods to avoid while breastfeeding

breast feeding foods

Every breastfeeding mother knows that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for their babies as it is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that a growing baby needs. 


It helps your baby develop immunity to fight against diseases.  Hence, breastfeeding becomes all the more important if you are a nursing mom.  Breastfeeding protects your baby from allergies, increases memory power, protects your baby from certain childhood cancers, and also helps to  reduce the risk for diseases that strike at a later stage in life like diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension. 

But as a breastfeeding mom, you should also be very careful with the food choices you make as it can impact your baby’s health.  There are certain foods that you must avoid during breastfeeding; it can negatively affect your baby’s health.


Here are some foods that needs to be avoided while breastfeeding

1) Caffeine

Coffee contains caffeine.If you are a breastfeeding mother, caffeine enters your bloodstream and also ends up in your breastmilk, it can make your baby get irritated, jittery, cranky, and wakeful.Limiting coffee intake or keeping away from it while nursing your baby would be the best option.


feeding alcohol

2) Alcohol

We are not talking about that occasional glass of wine you drink; you need not worry about it, but moderate or heavy drinking can surely put your baby in big trouble.Avoid it.

3) Garlic

Garlic bread laced with garlic can be tasty and delicious to your tongue but is it the same with your baby; your baby might not like it.Garlicky tasting milk can make your baby fussy and irritated.Keeping away from garlicky foods would be a good bet.

4) Wheat

If your baby cries uncontrollably or has blood in stool, wheat might be the cause.Check if you have eaten any wheat-containing foods; if so, then eliminate wheat-containing foods in your diet for at least one or two weeks.If baby shows improvement, check him for wheat allergy.

breast feeding chocolate

5) Chocolate

If you are a breastfeeding mom, eating excessive chocolates is not a good idea.Chocolates can make your baby fussy and also have a runny poop.Limit or avoid eating chocolates until your baby is weaned off.

6) Citrus fruits

A baby’s GI tract is still immature, citrus fruits can irritate it.Baby can become fussy and cranky.Limiting or avoiding citrus fruits would be a nice option.

breast feed peanut

7) Peanuts

If peanut allergy runs in your family, avoid it completely while breastfeeding.Compounds found in peanuts might have allergens that can make your baby get wheezing or rashes.

8) Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea contains certain compounds which can reduce breast milk flow, especially if your intake of it is excessive.Peppermint tea might be relaxing and soothing to your taste buds but at what cost, choice is yours.


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