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7Behaviours That Leaves You Feeling Tired and Groggy

groggy and exhausted

Do you feel your energy stores are depleted as you wake up in the morning? Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day?    Do you feel sapped mid-morning or mid-afternoon?  


Do you blame it on lack of sleep?  Do you know apart from lack of sleep, there are few more which contribute to your energy drain?  EHC brings a good reading on this:

1) I have no energy, no gym for me today.

Don’t skip your exercise, it works against you. Doing exercise boosts your energy level, increases strength and endurance, and you feel energized.   At least a brisk walk of 30 minutes would give you the necessary fuel to face your day.  You will never feel sorry.


2) I feel tired and also worn-out

Not enough iron in your body.  Iron deficiency can leave you tired and worn-out, a sure path to anemia.  Your cells and muscles get depleted of oxygen, invariably make you sluggish, cranky, and debile.  Add loads of dark green leafy vegetables, apple, spinach, kidney beans, and eggs to your daily diet plan.  Add iron to your diet list. 

3) I get thoughts of impending doom.

One reason could be your excess worrying.  You think negative about everything.  You want to drive a car but think you will meet with an accident.  You like to travel in a plane but fear crashing.  You like to ask the boss for a salary hike, but fear being fired.  Your thoughts are paralyzed with anxiety. It can drain you mentally and physically, leaving you completely depleted of energy.  Take a deep breath, ask yourself what your chances of falling out from a plane, crashing your car, or being sacked.  The chances are it will never happen the way you think.  Come out, go for a long walk, enjoy nature, do meditation, exercise, go out with friends, do things that you fear the most, confide in a friend of yours, he/she will be ready to help you to cope with the situation.  Fire up.


having breakfast

4) I skip breakfast as a part of my diet plan

You are inviting trouble.  Last night’s dinner was for last night.  You need breakfast, your body needs energy, you need fuel to tackle your everyday routine.    If you skip breakfast, you invite tiredness to be your guest.  Your metabolism fires up only if you eat your breakfast.  A breakfast of oatmeal, whole grains, skimmed milk, eggs, and whole-wheat bread can do wonders to your body.  Go for it.

5) I love junk foods – they are very tasty.

Tasty they are but high in calories and low in nutritional values.  Junk foods are high in simple carbohydrates and sugars.  High on glycemic index (GI), eating junk foods constantly spikes and low your blood sugars. You become fatigued and sluggish.    Eat a well-balanced diet comprising of protein, lean fat, and complex carbohydrates like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, apple, and high-fiber cereal etc. This will keep your blood sugar levels balanced – no spikes, no lows.  Avoid junk foods.

workaholic woman

6) I am a workaholic

This is a compulsive behavior.  You never enjoyed a vacation with your family and friends.  You think about only work, work, and work, nothing else.  Your energy level gets depleted and you risk burnout.  Take a break.  Unplug and unwind yourself.  Choose to be with nature, go to a hill station, relax by the pool, play with your kids, get your mind and body rejuvenated, come back to the office with more strength vigor to meet the challenges head on.  Start now. 

7) No way, I cannot give up coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning propels and fires you out of your bed.  Beware, use of caffeine disrupts your sleep-wake cycle and disallows you a deep sleep, prolongs the duration of sleep with frequent awakenings, leaves you looking very tired in the morning.  Studies have proved that caffeine even if taken six hours before bedtime can cause sleep disruption.  Still if you think you cannot keep away from coffee, restrict it to one cup per day.   Do this today.


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