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8 common myths about Self play debunked

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Self-play of one’s own private area (female and male) to the point of reaching climax pleasure is a normal and healthy habit, and this is according experts on that field. 

Experts say 95% of men and 89% of women do this and according to a joke, the other 5 and 10% are liars.  Men and women do this in order to relieve their accumulated urges regarding this, to feel good, and to also avoid unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Also, men do this to provide semen sample for infertility testing or sperm donation.

Despite this self act being a normal and healthy intimate activity which is safe; it is still looked down as a social stigma, especially for women.  Some even consider it as a cultural taboo with a wave of myths surrounding it.  EHCs debunks nearly 8 common myths associated with masturbation in this article.

Myth #1:  Self-Play leads to blindness and hairy palms

The above statement is an absolute nonsense.Experts on this field say that 95% of men and 89% of women do this, if the above myth is true, then the world would have been full of blind people with hairy palms, which is not the case.On the other side, self play is a stress reliever which helps release endorphins, the feel good hormones.It also helps you get a good night’s sleep and acts as a painkiller too for headaches.

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Myth #2:  Partners who are in a committed relationship don’t self play.

In fact experts say that people who are in a committed relationship do self-play more often than the people who are not.It is important to note that married men and women do this not because they are unhappy with their partners but because this play provides them with a feel good factor and also help them to explore their own body with pleasure.

Myth #3:  Self-play leads to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Not true.As you all know, STDs can only spread through body fluids from one person to other .In fact, self-play is a safe bet when it comes to STDs.

Myth #4:  Self-play tires you out

Athletes are told not to do self play, the myth is that self-gratification would not only deplete stamina but also adversely affect sporting performance.  It is simply untrue.  In fact, self-play and healthy eating habit enhances your track performance.

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Myth #5:  Self-play harms your private parts

Doesn’t panic, self-play of owns private parts will never harm your private organs.Those parts of both men and women have biologically evolved over a long period of time to be tough and flexible.Yes, you may get some chafed skin for which you can use an over-the-counter lubricant.

Myth #6:  Self-play decreases brain power

There is absolutely no truth in the above statement. This act does not interfere with your mental ability, but yes, if you have a tendency to believe negative things about self-play, then you will have to mentally fight your guilt.

Myth #7:  Self-play leads to male infertility

The above statement is only a fear. This act doesn’t interfere with procreation.You can have a normal relationship as well as make your partner pregnant. Self-play does not decrease motility, count, or morphology of sperms.

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Myth #8: Self-play kills your libido

You don’t have to believe the above statement.Experts say there are even couples who do this act together in order to know and explore their own body in a better way and communicate it to each other to have an even more fulfilling intimate relation

Last but not the least, self-play is a normal and healthy intimate activity that you should avoid feeling guilty about, but you have to be aware not to indulge in too much self-play that it starts interfering with your other daily activities.

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