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The Bliss of having bed play during Period

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A round of fulfilling desire while you are on your period is absolutely safe. 

Apart from certain cultural taboos which disallow women from having bed play during menstruation, medically there is no such thing that says you cannot have such thing during menstrual cycle.  Yes for some, menstruation is a time for no such act because they think it is messy and the sight of blood can put them off, but in fact if you can overlook the mess and have such act, you will end up wanting more.  The idea of period act, whether it is gross or exiting is up to you, but you should also be aware that the benefits of having period act are numerous.  Few of them are noted below

Period time bed play can end your period a day or two sooner than normal

The involuntary muscles along the uterine walls contract and push blood out during those few days of your menstrual cycle.If you have period bed play, the climax you get creates stronger muscle spasms and pushes more blood out and increases the chance of your period ending sooner than normal.

It alleviates cramps

You may be under a lot of stress and pain during period due to cramps.But that should not be your reason to not have play.Climax triggers the body to release endorphins, a feel good hormone, that are natural painkillers as well as mood enhancers and it can relieve you from the cramps as well as depression and irritation associated with periods.

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It increases emotional bonding

Periods time bed play is generally messy and on days that you are on your period, the mess might be little more but what’s the big deal?You can still go ahead, break the barriers, and have a fulfilling bed play.It increases intimacy and brings both you and your partner closer emotionally as well.

It decreases pregnancy risk

Period time bed play can bring down the risk for unwanted pregnancy, but to be on the safer side using a protector is advisable.It is because sperms can live up to 72 hours and if you are having played on the last day of your period, the risk of getting pregnant is high.

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The risks involved in having period bed play

  • HIV infected woman passing it to her male partner is high during period time play.
  • Contacting pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is high during period Act.
  • Blood borne diseases like hepatitis B and C can be easily transmitted from the female to her male partner during period Act.

Precautions to take during period sex

  • Use protective’s, it can protect you from STDs, HIV, and also from unwanted pregnancy.
  • If you have a liking towards mouth play, using dental dams would help.
  • Covering the bed with dark sheet or towel avoids messing your bed.
  •  If you are wearing tampon, remove it before having such play.

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