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Menopause – Its impact on your s.e.x.l.i.f.e


Menopause for women typically occurs between the age of 45 and 55 years.  It is the end of their monthly periods as well as reproductive years. 

Vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings, drop in estrogen levels, and decrease in libido are some of the symptoms for menopause.   During menopause, sometimes women fear to make love due to the various noticeable physiological changes that occur in their body.  EHC brings you the different types of changes that impact your as well as solutions that boost your

Vaginal dryness 

When you are premenopausal, secretion of estrogen is normal and steady.  Estrogen facilitates blood flow to the vaginal area and helps secrete vaginal fluid which lubricates your vagina, keeps it healthy, thick, and elastic during sexualintercourse and also keeps you comfortable without pain.  Postmenopause, estrogen level depletes and then stops, makes vagina thinner and less elastic and makes sexualintercourse painful.  You are not alone, all women experience postmenopause vaginal dryness.

Support: As a treatment option, there are vaginal estrogen rings, tablets, and creams.

Vaginal estrogen rings are soft and flexible rings that has to be inserted into the vagina.  It releases a steady flow of estrogen into the vaginal tissues directly.

Vaginal estrogen tablets have to be inserted into the vagina.  It releases estrogen to the vaginal tissues directly.  Use it for two weeks, once a day.  Taper it to twice a week and stop it when you don’t need it.

Vaginal estrogen creams.  Apply this cream directly to the vagina with an applicator.  Use it for one to two weeks and then taper off to once or twice a week and then stop completely.

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Vaginal elasticity

Depletion or complete stop in the secretion of estrogen affects vaginal elasticity; it becomes thinner and rigid.  Loss of thickness and elasticity makes sexual intercourse painful.

Support: Kegel exercise is a non-surgical approach to regain your vaginal elasticity.  This is done to relax and strengthen the pelvic floor muscle that holds together urethra, bladder, and the uterus.  You can talk to a s.e.x.therapist or a doctor and take his help.

Vaginal blood flow

Depletion or complete stop in the secretion of estrogen decreases blood flow to the vaginal area which may result in failure to sexually arouse you by stimulation.  The erogenous zone clitoris itself can become less sensitive to stimulation.

Support: Irrespective of age, foreplay before sex is a must.  Tell your man to stop getting on top at the drop of a hat, tell him what you need.  Foreplay or whole-body lovemaking for at least 30 minutes allows you to produce enough lubrication in the vagina for an easy penetration and an enjoyable sexualintercourse. You can try a commercial lubricant as well, if you need any.

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Vaginal infections or sexually transmitted diseases. 

Estrogen plays an important role in keeping your vagina free from infections.  It helps maintain a slightly acidic pH within the vagina, which disallows harmful bacteria from breeding.  With the depletion of estrogen, vaginal infections and urinary infections may become more frequent.  You are also at risk for HIV or STDs.

Support:  Avoid the use of commercial lubricants that changes the pH value within your vagina as well soaps and fragrances.  Your doctor is the best person to help you with it.  Self-care in keeping yourself clean goes a long way in having a healthy private part.  Use condom for safety.

All the above defined topical treatments have side effects.  Advice of your doctor is a must before you start on this therapy.

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