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Preventing Vaginal Cuts

vaginal cuts

Has your vagina felt sore a few hours after you have had an amazing bed play? If you felt like having rips or cuts around the vaginal opening with a burning feeling whenever you try to urinate, then you have what we call vaginal tearing or cut.

Many women notice vaginal cuts and tears after sensual play, and most of the time these tears and abrasions are normal. Vaginal cuts become more noticeable during the love act because semen can sting when it comes in contact with the open cuts. They are mostly seen in women who are sensually active. Although usually not serious, vaginal cuts can be uncomfortable and irksome.


When sensually excited, a woman’s vagina naturally produces fluids that ease the area during sensual activity, reducing friction that can irritate or tear the vaginal skin. If the vagina is not sufficiently lubricated, vaginal dryness can result and it is a common cause of vaginal cuts.

Women of childbearing age have higher levels of vaginal moisture, even when they are not sensually excited, than menopausal women. During menopause, the level of estrogen, the female sex hormone, starts to decline. Huang explains that less hormonal stimulation sometimes leads to vaginal dryness.

A history of sensual abuse can affect a woman’s relationship to bed play. Survivors of abuse may have a hard time relaxing during bed play or they may be uncomfortable with forplay, making it hard for them to become ready for bed play. This excitement causes the vagina to produce additional fluids. If you cannot become excited, your body will not produce vaginal fluids, leaving you more at risk for vaginal damage.


The treatment for vaginal tears may depend on the degree of laceration. First degree tears are superficial lacerations of the skin in the vagina. Second degree tears involve the skin and fat tissue under the skin. Third degree and fourth lacerations involve the deeper muscles in the vaginal wall. These lacerations may cause a lot of bleeding, requiring surgical repair.

vaginal tear

Superficial vaginal tears may produce mild bleeding that usually stops within a few minutes, but may last up to one day. This can be treated at home, although medical consultation should be sought if bleeding is heavy.

To avoid pain and further bleeding, avoid vaginal douching. Try to avoid sensual activity for a few weeks to give it time to heal.

If you have lost a considerable amount of blood, you may feel weak and dizzy. You may need to rest until you recover from these symptoms and your laceration heals.

Sitting in a warm bath that covers your hips and buttocks can help relieve this pain. You can also try to apply ice wrapped in a towel or cloth or witch hazel pads to the affected areas.

If your vaginal tear is severe, you must consult a doctor immediately, especially if you experience heavy bleeding, dizziness, faintness, fever, and lower abdominal pain. Vaginal discharge with a bad odor may be a sign of vaginal infection related to vaginal tears and may require antibiotic treatment.

Preventive Care

Try using a water-based lubricant during sensual act to remedy vaginal dryness and avoid tears. Avoid oil-based lubricants because they may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. They can also damage condoms and put you at risk of becoming pregnant or contracting an infection.

Engaging in adequate foreplay is a natural way of producing vaginal lubrication, which can prevent vaginal tears. You may try a different sensual position also, such as woman-on-up, to avoid traumatic tears.

More foreplay and vaginal excitement making are recommended before intercourse as a good way to keep vaginal cuts at bay. Increased foreplay gives the vagina the time and motivation to naturally lubricate itself.

With just a few precautions and some knowledge, vaginal cuts can be avoided, and your love life will be more pleasurable and comfortable.

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