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Men Hate Wearing Condoms & Their Excuses

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If you ask me what matters the most to me, I would say it’s my health. I really can’t think of a more valuable asset for myself. No matter how charming or sensual your partner is, your health is still the number one priority. 

When it comes to senual safety and pleasure the right condoms might make all the difference in the world. Most of the guys have some lame excuses when they don't feel like using protection. According to a new survey, more than 80 percent of guys admit to having used at least one tactic to avoid using condoms in bed. If you or your partner is not monogamous or you are relying on condoms as your primary form of birth control, you should insist on using them. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at higher risk for pregnancy and STDs. Let’s look at men’s usual lines of fussiness.

Don't worry, I'm clean.

This is the most common tactic men try, according to the survey. Men have a tendency to assume that if it looks normal, then everything is okay. But STDs are often asymptomatic in men, so without being tested by a doctor, they may never know if there’s a problem.

You’re so sensual, I can’t wait.

Most men think that if they can sweet-talk you, then you'll agree to some condom-free action. This is one of the more dangerous tactics since it is easy to be charmed in the heat of the moment when hormones are rushing. Eliminate temptation by making it as easy as possible to stick to your plan. Stash a few condoms in your purse or bedside table ahead of time, for easy access.

It'll feel so much better without.

It may not always be true. According to a recent study, both women and men enjoy bedplay as much with condoms as they do without. Women may actually find that they can climax more regularly with condoms, too, since it alleviates some anxiety about pregnancy and STDs.

Can I not wear a condom?

Interestingly enough, 40 percent of men admit to taking a more blunt approach, flat-out asking for permission to go commando. He’s probably thinking that if he puts you on the spot, you’ll be more likely to just go with it. Insist on the condom!

love and condom

What, you don't trust me?

It is an emotional play and it is a jerk move, but according to the survey, more than 34 percent of men have tried it. Some men may genuinely feel offended by your insisting upon using a condom, while others may use this as a means of manipulation. Just explain that is has nothing to do with him personally and it’s just your non-negotiable policy.

Birth control is woman's responsibility.

Sadly this is not a new argument. Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures all thought the same thing, and that is why you won’t see many references to condoms in their ancient literature. In fact, the only references to "male birth control" you may find in their writings refer only to "coitus interruptus"—that’s the "pull-out" method.

Well we all do have the same responsibility in keeping ourselves safe. The best case scenario is for all of us to do our part and make sure we have protection for ourselves. It takes two people to make a baby and two people to spread a STI or HIV. So you know what’s your responsibility is.

They don't make condoms that fit me.

Either the guy claims that he is so big that there are no condoms available to fit him or he worries that he is too small for a condom to stay on. There is a deluge of condoms on the market today, all in a variety of smells, tastes, materials, and yes, sizes. There are condoms that are as small as 1.25" in diameter and ones as large as 2.3" in diameter. So choose the right size.

If you stand firm and lay out your rules for him, most guys will ultimately respect your decision. You just need to have an open conversation about it when the time is right. Happy times ahead.

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