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Guys Are Easier Than You Think

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Guys will never notice these things while getting intimate.

During the first date or 10th date, or while getting intimate at any stage, we are meticulous about how we look and come across. We groom ourselves as best as we can, but still we all have things we get insecure about when we are in bed.

Research apparently shows that guys don’t notice what women think is their “problem area.” They are just happy that they are getting it on. EHC chats with some experts in this field and it comes as a revelation that men have not much of worries during love making. Read on to know more about what men care less about.

That Extra Fat

Most guys are not seeing or thinking straight during love making because they are too busy being overtaken by a mix of the love hormone oxytocin, testosterone, and the pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine and of course your inherent sensuality. So, you do not need to get worried about your heavy thighs or tummy.

Shape of Breast

Only you can notice that your left one is slightly larger than your right. Most men are just excited to be in close proximity to girls that they could care less what size they are, or even if they are two different sizes.


We have come to know that a last-minute scramble to cover up imperfections is pretty much in vain. Don’t worry if you have a breakout on your back or a few zits on your butt. Your guy will be so busy grabbing it, he won’t notice.


While sweat might seem gross to you, your natural odor and sweat can be a huge tu-rn-on to guys. So, don’t worry if you are getting a little overheated. Your guy will love it.


If you didn’t have time to shave your legs or your bikini area before the session, not to worry. If you have a little stubble down there, a guy is certainly not going to get bent out of shape over it or even notice.

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Hair & Makeup

Guys won’t know whether your hair is up or down, or whether you’re wearing makeup or not during bed play, so don’t stress it. In fact, worrying about how you look during bed play will screw with your ability to get lost in the sensations.

Cellulite or Stretch Marks

Most guys don't even notice this stuff and once they do, it's probably been a while and they already like you for you.

Granny Panties

Most men don't even appreciate the sensual underwear you spend money on. They care about getting that underwear off of you. Sensual underwear makes people feel more confident, but a lack of it will not ruin the fun.

Vag ina Smell

Unless you have an infection and stuff seems seriously off, your down there smell isn't going to freak him out. Every girl smells differently, but guys haven’t reported a girl who smells bad.

Body Hair

There are some guys out there who like their women with no body hair whatsoever. But most guys don't mind your leg stubble or the fact that you've never waxed down there.

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