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Why Guys Go Crazy when you reach the end

man's sensual love

Sensual play end of women is an incredible explosion of pleasure at the female sensual organs. This is a feeling of fullness, a sense of close. Then the point is reached where the accumulated tension is so great you can’t hold back any longer. 

This is the point of inevitability. Both men and women like their partners to get big finish. Most men care about their partner’s big finish. EHC looks at some of the reasons a men just like it when she reaches that big end.

Feeling of Accomplishment

Men crave a sense of achievement in the bedroom. So even if your men drooling into his pillow, if you just had a big end, you can bet he is dreaming the dreams of a champion. 

Great Bonding

Sensual end flood both our brains with the bonding hormone oxytocin. It makes you feel more connected, love-y, and just all around awesome.

The sight of women reaching the end

Watching you lose control turns us on. When you curl your toes, bite your li-p, arch your back, they just turn men sensual feelings on. And we are the only ones who get to see it. 

You Sound the Best

We generally only hear you raise your voice under two circumstances: You are really mad at us, or you are really happy with us. When you are on the precipice of a great climax, we assume you are in that second category. Men like to hear that.

You Too Having Good Time

Men take the cues from girls’ enthusiasm. This means we strive to deliver upstanding service every single time. We know you can still be enjoying yourself without a big sensual end, but that doesn't make us any less committed to the task.

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You’re Happiness

This is the reason we love to give you things. Sensual end as it turns out, just happen to be way cheaper and more mind-blowing than flowers or jewelry. 

You Look Steamy

As you steamed up and your blood starts flowing faster, your chest can turn a little pink. It looks great on you. Here men are just impressed. Reports from the field indicate that women can experience multiple sensual ends. This is foreign to men, which makes it all the more epic to watch.

Noise Makes Your Sensual End Better

Volume of your steamy sounds could be the key to an awesome sensual end. In rig veda, making high-pitched noises brings sensual energy to your chest, throat, and head, while low-pitched noises bring them down there. Switch up your sounds for a full-body pleasure.

Sensual End Facts

The average sensual end is 20 seconds long. During those 20 seconds, you have rhythmic contractions about every 0.08 seconds, and you can make those contractions stronger by doing Kegel exercises off-the-clock.

Women in relationships tend to sensual end a higher percentage of the time during sensual play than women who are just having that with other person than her husband according to research.

Super-stressed women have lower levels of physical activities than women with normal stress levels, according to research.

An estimated 10-15 percent of women have no sensual end, meaning they are physically unable to experience that .

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