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Heat Things Up With Ice

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Lots of things are better on ice – creams, oysters, margaritas, and even sensual life. Think of all the delicious ice-creams, sorbets and ice lollies we eat and the luscious and satisfying sensations as they slip down the throat.

Our skin is our biggest pleasure organ and stimulating it can enhance pleasure or even lead to women’s sensual climax pleasure. Rubbing ice cubes on your partner's skin creates a sensation that can be uncomfortable, but not exactly painful. Break the ice with your partner and send them into shivers of delight. Maybe it’s time for some icy games.

Icy Lips

Wrap your lips around an ice cube until they get super-cold. Then head below to give him an intense kiss experience. The contrast between your cool lips and your warm mouth will shoot his senses into over stimulate.

Figure of Eight

While you are giving him mouth action, use an ice cube to trace a figure eight on his thigh gap or inner thigh and hairy area. Try to perform both motions at the same pace to make the experience as smooth and seamless as possible. The simultaneous opposing sensations will give him a beyond blissful buzz that'll make him shiver with pleasure.

Ice Massage

Use a hot/cold combo of massage oil and ice cubes for a massage. Put a bit of oil in one hand, and use it to knead his bare shoulders. Then take an ice cube and run it over the same area. Repeat the pleasurable process as you work your way down his back, finishing off at his back cushion.

Icy Ambience

If the season is spring or summer and the outside temperature is hot, open the window and let the gentle breezes caress your body as you prepare for your icy play. If winter, turn up the heating or light a blazing open fire.

Make sure you have a soft, comfortable surface on which to play. You might imitate winter scenery inside by taking all the blankets off the bed, leaving just a snowy white silk or cotton sheet. If you choose to play on the floor, cover an exercise mat with soft blankets and cushions. Keep a couple of glasses and a large bowl filled with ice cubes within arms’ reach. You will probably want to have your favorite drinks on hand as well for flavored ice kisses.

ice kiss

Figure Skating

Start out by exchanging a piece of ice between your lover’s mouth and your own. Tiny, cold kisses can then be planted on your lover’s cheek, returning the ice to their mouth again. Pass the ice back and forth until it melts and then let your tongue travel across their forehead, chin and eyelids.

Now take a piece of ice and, with your lover lying comfortably on his or her stomach, touch the sensitive skin on their back, tracing circles or zig-zags as you go. Work slowly from the neck underneath the hairline, along the spine, and travel down the back of the legs.

Ice Front

Start by slipping a piece of ice down the middle of your lover’s torso, in between the breasts. Breast tip are especially sensitive and when ice is passed across them, they will harden almost immediately. Women will be particularly turned on by this and their breasts will rise and firm up as the breast tip because stimulated. Pop a cube into their navel and swirl in around the sides of their hips.

Ice for Man

Prop your man up on pillows so that he is comfortable and make sure that he has a full view of what you are doing to him. You can begin by holding a piece of ice in your mouth and then running your tongue down along his chest. Let your tongue linger at the point just above his reproductive area and play along the folds where his legs begin, then tease your tongue along the inside of his thighs. Do this for a while before taking the ice back in your mouth.

Now put the cold tongue on the tip of his male organ and swirl it round. He may jump at first but will be ultimately thrilled. Work your tongue around his bolls before giving him full mouth play satisfaction.

ice cube on woman

Ice for Woman

Start by rubbing your cooled lips round the inside of her thighs, close to the reproductive area. You may want to surprise her with a few tiny love bites. Next, run your cold tongue between the folds of her main sensual organ. Take a piece of ice in your mouth and gently insert it into her hole, pushing it in with your tongue – but be careful not to push it too far inside or you will not be able to continue to suck it.

More Ice Games

With a slightly melted ice cube in your mouth, kiss your man and pass it back and forth. As it gets smaller and smaller, hide it in different places so he has to try to find it with his tongue.

Put the ice in your man's hand and guide it so that he draws circles around the outside of your breasts, slowly working his way toward your breast tip.

While giving your man mouth play, alternate putting your lips over his male organ and lightly rubbing his shaft with the ice cube. The combination of your warm mouth and chilly temperature will make his jaw drop.

Place the ice cube between your breasts and run it back and forth so that your skin feels cool and wet, then guide your man's male organ between them for a hands-free massage.

Have him lightly run the ice cube along the soles and the perimeter of your feet. Believe it or not, the area of the brain that processes touch down there is nearby the zone that registers sensations to your reproductive organs, speeding up your sensual stimulations.

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