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The Steamy Shower sensual Play

love in shower

Haven’t we all fantasized about sensual play in the shower? We bet. If you would have tried it, you know it’s a tricky one. The challenges of different heights and slippery surfaces can be a bit dangerous, but when you do it right, nothing like it.

EHC wants to make sure you get the sensual shower experience and keep your love and life as exciting as possible. Having it in the shower is a great way to break up the routine. The sensation of having hot or cool water running over your bodies as you make stimulates you in a completely different way and makes things very exciting.

Before all of it starts, you might need to work a bit. While your partner is out, clean the toilet. Now place plenty of scented candles around the bathroom: on the closed toilet, on the sink, on the shelves, on the rim of the tub, everywhere, giving the bathroom a romantic glow. Draw a hot bath and add some nice bath oils once it is filled.

You may scatter some rose petals also into the bath and let some fall to the floor as well. You can do without incense. There will be enough aromas from the candles and oils and there is no need to pollute the air with smoke. When your partner arrives from a stressful day, invite to join you in to this heaven.

Before play

Most people find having sensual act in the bathroom a bit inconvenient, but this should not keep you from having some fun in the shower. There’s something really sensual about making out in the shower. Stand under the shower and kiss and touch each other gently. When you both can’t take it anymore, finish what you started in the bedroom.

It’s show time

Most times when you are getting intimate with your partner, you hardly get to take a good look at their body. Next time, treat him to something special by asking him to sit in a corner while you removing your dress, lather up and touch yourself all over. It will be a different experience for you and your partner.

Dog like style

Men-on-top and girl-on-top may not be too comfortable (unless you have a bath tub). If you are like most of us who don’t own a bath tub, then do it dog like style. You can use the basin for support and have him enter you from behind.

love in tub

Use bath stool

Sensual play while standing works best in the shower. But if you have a major height difference then a bath stool might help you. You could either stand on it to reach his height or make him sit on it and raise leg on it.

Leg wrap

This sensual pose will really steam up your bathroom. Stand facing each other in the shower. Hug your partner as you wrap your left leg around his waist. He places his right hand under your thigh to keep you steady as he enters you. Meanwhile, his other hand is free to caress your face and run his fingers through your hair.

The leg lift

This position allows for the couple to face each other. She leans her back against the wall while you hold her knee in the crook of your elbow. Depending on height, initial entrance of male organ may be an issue. At first, you should bend at the knees to gain access. Also, if you both want to enjoy the falling water it is best for the female to lean against the wall with the showerhead.

Standing dog like play

She stands facing a wall with her arms raised and pressed against it. Her lower back will have to be arched, thrusting her back cushion towards you. You can get up close and hold her hands against the wall or you can hold her hips. If you decide to hold her hips, balance becomes your responsibility and you might want to place a foot on the edge of the tub.

Sponge it up

Lather a body sponge with an aromatically inclining soap and face her back. Begin scrubbing her from behind and work your way down to her back cushion, the back of her thighs, her calves, and even her feet. And while you're kneeling down, turn her around and begin working your way up from her shins to her stomach and finally, her breasts. Don't neglect her arms, her neck and of course, put some soap on your hand to adequately clean her main organ between the thighs. If you have two body sponges, you can cleanse each other simultaneously. Double your pleasure, double your fun.

love in pool

Mouth play

Since you are both clean and fresh, why not take advantage of it and please each other mouth act. Either one of you could drop to your knees to please the other. The person receiving can stand on the edge of the tub, holding onto the shower rod with one hand and the wall with the other for balance. The person giving may have to bend slightly, but at least they are not on their knees. This technique also lends itself to an incredible amount of access to the lower regions.

Finger tips

Put some gels in the space between two back cushion of her, stand behind and place your package in that space. Use one of your hands to caress her breasts and with the other, aim the showerhead at her button shape organ in her sensual organ. Let her fingers do their magic.

There is a lot you can do in here, but we would highly recommend investing in a detachable massage showerhead which can spruce up your intimacy.

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