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The Finger Way to Heaven

fingering way

The inquisitiveness of mankind coupled with creativity has worked wonders in all walks of life. Even in bed play, we have devised hundreds of positions and ways to maximize pleasure.

We have included almost all our body parts in it, especially fingers. Popularly, we want to stick them inside women as often as possible, and with good reason. The maneuvering of our fingers is far superior for our male organ to mimic. But then there is lot more with your fingers than you think. Let’s know more about the power of fingertips.


Now hold it before you jump at it. You have to ensure that your hands are clean, your nails are trim with no blunt edges and that there is no dirt in them. Cleanliness is very important when it comes to love making, but it is even more important if you plan to venture toward your woman's restricted area with your hands. The last thing you want to do is give her an infection or scratch her sensitive areas.


If you have done it, you know that it feels like bliss. Give your woman your index finger to start and have her show you what she can do with her magic tongue. Let her play around with it and twirl it around until you feel the sensations it brings in your toes. If you are the kinky type, place her middle finger inside her female organ, control it and move it around a little bit, and then bring it to your mouth and suck on it. That ought to drive her crazy

Finger Tips

It is a work of art. You want to take your time and get it right because you want the end results to be mind blowing. The object is to get your girlfriend to enjoy herself and enjoy your finger as if she was enjoying your manhood.

Make sure you pay attention to other parts of your girlfriend’s body while finger play her. This will help get your girlfriend relaxed and anticipating the better things to come. Try kissing and fondling other areas below the waist.

touching the butt

It is important to tease her at first with your finger. Do not stick the complete finger inside of her. Keep doing this until you notice she is trying to get you to push in to her with more of your finger.

Once you can tell she wants more, slide your complete finger all the way inside her female organ. Then slide it out. Continue to this and rotate your finger around. This will make your girlfriend wild.

Watch how she rotates her hips on your finger and form a rhythm with your finger to match hers. While finger playing her you want to slow your pushes and speed them up, just as if you would while having original sensual play.

Make sure you talk to your girlfriend throughout the finger play. It is just like having original sensual play; she will want to know how good her body feels to you. Talking may also encourage her to be more vocal and talk back to you, and it will really get things going.

Your girlfriend may want your finger thrust to become stronger. Not to worry this is a part of the finger playing process. Your girlfriend is just really enjoying herself at this point and wants more. If you want to make her happy and yourself happy in the end you may want to oblige her.

Keep nails cut short and with no ragged edges. Make sure your nails are kept at a low length; this will help to avoid scratching or scraping the inside of your girlfriend’s female organ walls. She will appreciate well manicured fingers.

The Finger Climax

Start by having her lie on her back without dress and begin with things like kissing and caressing her lips, face, neck, breasts, etc., and then slowly make your way south. Once you are down below the waist, take the time to rub and caress her all around her sweet spot until it seems that she can’t take the teasing anymore.

When you are ready to move to her womanhood, use your entire hand. With your palm down, massage the area lightly at first and then add a little more pressure.

She should be getting watery by now, but if not, take some lube or massage oil and pour a little on just above her pubic bone and massage it down and around her female organ.

Now you can move onto using your fingers. With your index finger; run it gently up and down along her slit and then around the sides of her ‘lips’. The point of this is to tease her and make her crave your finger inside of her. The teasing and anticipation will send her through the roof.

Next, let your finger graze her button like point in female organ for a second and tease the rest of her womanhood with it. Each time you pass her button point, let your finger linger a little longer until you can see that it is swollen with excitement and rock hard.

Now that she is really turned on, run your finger in a couple of tiny circles over her button organ  and then slide it down her slit and slowly push it inside of her and push it in and out slowly a few times before pulling it back out.

Use your index and middle fingers and put them on each side of her nub so you are holding it between your fingers. Now start to move it up and down. This move is basically like jerking her off, only instead of your manhood, you are jerking off a hard little nub. Keep at it until you can see that she is getting close to climaxing.

When she is writhing around all over the bed and almost there; slide two fingers inside of her and use your thumb to start rubbing her nub as your fingers pump in and out of her. Imagine that you are trying to get the pad of your thumb to meet and work in unison with the pads of the two fingers that are inside of her, the same way that you would to snap your fingers.

Continue this move and add more pressure and speed as you go along. When you know you have got the right amount of speed and pressure, then keep at it and don’t stop until she climaxes.

love and kiss

More Finger Tips

It can be a little hard to know if she is loving it if she is one of those shy girls who isn’t too comfortable making noise in bed, in which case you need to ask. A simple “You like that baby?” or “how does that feel?” should suffice.

Keep the oily substance handy since some brands tend to dry up quickly and become a little sticky. You want stuff to be slick and smooth but not so oiled that she can’t feel your fingers.

Try to use your other free hand on the rest of her body while you are working your magic down below.

Patience is a virtue. Sensual play is about getting her off and that can take some time, so don’t start something that you are not willing to finish. Slow and steady and being in sync with your partner will do magic for both of you.

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