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The Art of Kissing – Places She Likes to be Kissed

kissing spots

The very mention of the word “kissing” evokes a pleasant feeling and it says “I love you.” Kissing is more than meeting of the lips; it is a form of communication.

Even bad ones are good! It is a very personal, intimate and sensual experience for women. The soft whisper of breath on your lips, your heart pounds, lips touch and the electricity moves through your body, the world disappears around you.

We need to realize that there are specific ways that women want to be kissed. Generally, the "first kiss" is the deal-maker or the deal-breaker for a woman. When reminiscing about the men in our lives, whether flings or relationships; we remember whether he was a good kisser or a bad kisser.

EHC compiles certain facts about the places she would like to be kissed and we hope it helps any guy to be a better kisser. Through this article women reveal what makes them go weak at the knees.


Kissing a woman on the face is a very personal expression of affection and an intimate sensual act. Your warm feelings for her can be expressed by placing light kisses on her cheeks, forehead, jaw line, even her nose and closed eyelids. But no licking or biting. Her face should be treated with tenderness and reverence.


This is a mood creator! Make your way to it after passionately kissing your partners lips or take her by surprise and approach her from behind, sweep the hair off her neck and plant your kiss. Then enjoy as she goes weak at the knees. Just remember to keep the sucking to a minimum on the neck – leaving visible love bites is not a good look.

Back of the neck

This works especially well if you take her by surprise. When she is at the sink doing dishes or working on the computer, approach her quietly from behind, sweep her hair off the back of her neck and kiss her there. She will soon forget her task and want more.


While her clothes are still on, one of the most intimate places you can lay some kisses is along her collarbone. A woman’s exposed collarbone is very sensual and your mouth on it makes her think of nothing but love making. So start off with kisses there before you move on to places you can’t reach while she’s fully clothed.

kissing behind ears


Ears can be the site of intense pleasure for her and kissing them is the best way for stimulation. Gentle nibbling on the earlobe is a reliable way to send shivers down her spine, but you should also try lightly brushing your lips against her ear, which will rouse the soft, fine hairs there creating waves of tingly pleasure. Breathing lightly in her ear as your lips brush against it will also leave her wanting more.


Though formal in greeting, the hands of a woman are sensitive and delicate. A real gentleman knows the just the right touch and kiss to please a woman to tickle of fancy of interest.


Her hips are more sensitive than you would guess. It could be because they are so close to the center of her physical pleasure. Whatever the reason, kissing, licking and nibbling at her hips will send currents of delight down to her toes and up to the top of her head. Don’t neglect this place she wants your mouth to be.


Putting your mouth on her breasts can be intensely great feeling, but doing it wrong can turn her right off. Kissing, licking and sucking are all recommended and even some gentle biting can be acceptable as long as you take it easy.

kissing her navel


When in the zone of foreplay or intense emotions in time, the naval region is a location of sensitivity and emotions.  It is a place in which you can drive a woman wild. It is a place of exploration, in which many tend to use items of sweet substance to entice sensual pleasure. You can even smooth it down a notch, in which when you lay together to watch a movie or the woman has a baby on the way, it’s a very sensual and positive location to start at.

Inner Thigh

It is where the tongue can linger, the heat is turned on, the passion and sensual desire starts to explode and minds get driven wild. So if you are trying to make a stamp and impression of cosmic pleasure, you have your work count out for you in this area of love and fantasy.  It is the wonderland of exploration.

Small button in female organ

That button is the most erogenous zone on a woman's body. Some experts claim that it's the tip of a giant sensual organ. If you want your woman to get addicted to your kissing, then kiss her small button.

The best thing you can do when you are kissing a woman in your bed is to kiss at unexpected places. You can also up the ante by kissing her randomly. Kissing all over her body will tense her up rapidly and then relax and will leave her wanting for more.

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