• pure honey
    Benefits of Honey

    Honey is considered to be one of the greatest gifts that nature has bestowed on man. It is not only healthy when consumed, but also very beneficial to your skin. Its beauty and medicinal benefits have been...

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  • mud therapy on face
    Benefits and Types of Mud Therapy

    Mud therapy is being used by people to treat diseases since ancient times. It is believed that the earth has healing powers which are refreshing and invigorating for the body. The material used for mud therapy is...

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  • banana eating model
    Banana – Health Benefits and Side Effects You Might Not Know

    Banana health benefits are comparable to any other type of fruit. In fact, bananas have several positive benefits that many other fruits do not have. These yellow-skinned fruits are ideal for health because they have a sweet...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • depression girl
    Understand And Overcome Depression

    Most of us feel gloomy and sad one time or the other in our life. But don’t be depressed thinking that you have depression. True clinical depression is a mood disorder in which these negative feelings interfere...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • women breathing
    Breathing Therapy For Headache & Tiredness

    We own two holey noses on the left and on the right. Do you ever think that it is has the same function, to breathe in and breathe out? In fact the function is unequal, we can...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • women exercising to reduce cholestrol
    How to reduce cholesterol

    Lifestyle changes are essential to improve your cholesterol level. To bring your numbers down, lose excess weight, eat healthy foods and increase your physical activity. Lose extra Weights Excess weight contributes to high cholesterol. Losing even 4-8kg...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • kidney stones
    Kidney stones and its natural treatment

    Kidney stones usually comprised of a compound called calcium oxalate, are the result of an accumulation of dissolved minerals on the inner lining of the kidneys. These deposits can grow to the size of a golf ball...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • heart attach person
    Ways to Never Have a Heart Attack

    What is Heart Disease? Heart disease is any disorder that affects the heart’s ability to function normally. The most common type of heart disease is coronary artery disease, which is the narrowing or blockage of the coronary...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • blood bag
    Home remedies to increase platelet count

    It was a day of depression for you when you consulted a Doctor when you observed a rash of pinpoint-sized reddish-purple spots on your lower legs. Were you alarmed when he said that you are suffering from...

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  • bedroom scene
    How to Increase Your Bedroom Performance

    A lot of women judge men largely by their performance in the bedroom. If you can last only for a few minutes, then you’ve probably failed at pleasing her. That’s why it’s important to know how to...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • checking bood pressure
    How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

    High blood pressure is one of the most preventable conditions. Although it causes no symptoms, high blood pressure boosts the risks of leading killers such as heart attack and stroke, as well as aneurysms, cognitive decline, and...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • adulthood film poster
    Childhood vs Adulthood

    Most of us who are reading this article have been brought up in life with good parental guidance in behaviour, discipline, do’s and don’ts and moral values. In fact, we still remember our moral science classes. The...

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  • lovers in the sunset
    Health Benefits of Love

    Being in love is very good for you because our emotional health is strongly tied to our physical health. Love certainly feels good. Many people have been longing for love ever since they were born in this...

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  • bood testing
    High uric acid level in blood

    High uric acid level in blood, a most common health problem found in new generation people Hyperuricemia is an excess of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid passes through the liver, and enters your bloodstream. Most...

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  • protect kidney
    Purification of Kidneys

    The kidneys are important organs of elimination. They filter the waste from all of the liquids which pass through your body. They separate pure liquids from impure liquids. They also filter the blood, separating the clean blood...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • eye vision
    How can we improve our vision?

    Over the last 10 – 15 years there has been a marked increase in the number of people who wear glasses and contact lenses. This can be put down to drastically increased computer usage both at home...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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