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10 Tell-Tale Signs that Shows He’s Into You

He’s Into You

There is this guy in your office who always makes you go weak in the knees every time you see him.  You know you’re into this guy completely.  But you don’t know if he is interested in you?  And you might want to know if there are some ways to exactly know how he feels about you?  Don’t worry!  There are ways……  Here are 10 tell-tale signs that show whether he is interested in you or not?  Read on.

Does He Treat You Like You Are Special?

You are with your friends.  Observe how he treats you.  If he treats you differently from others, he is interested in you. But if he treats you no different from others, probably he is not interested in you.


Does He Show a Tendency to Be With You?

Observe if he is making any efforts to be with you.  Does he call you, send messages, or has he called you out for a coffee or lunch.  If he is doing all these things, he is interested you.

He Listen with Interest

Does He Listen To You with Interest?

You are talking and he is listening to you.  Observe if he is showing genuine interest in what you are saying.  Check if he is asking more about you, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies etc.  If he is trying to know more about you, he probably likes you.

Does He Lean Towards You while Talking?

Look out for this tell-tale sign.  When you are talking to your friends, observe if he tends to lean towards you.  If he is doing it, he is showing interest in you.

Does his Body Points Towards You?

He is talking to his friends in the corner of a room and you are at the opposite corner.  Observe if his body is pointed towards you and if he is stealing glances at you.  If he is doing it, he surely is interested in you.

Watch Out Eye Contact

Watch Out for His Eye Contact

Does he glance at you and tries to look the other way when your eyes meet his eyes?  If he is doing it, then he is completely into you.

Does He Talk About Other Women

If he likes you, he will never talk about any other women he’s interested in.  It’s good signal that he likes you.

Does He Feel Jealous?

Observe if he shows signs of jealousy when you mention about any other guy.  If he is interested in you, he surely will not like it.  He wants all your affection for himself.

Just You and Me

For Him It’s Just You and Me

It’s just you and me for guys in love.  If your guy while talking to you doesn’t even answer his best friend’s phone, you have all the reason to be happy.  He is completely into you.


Does he try to walk beside you?

When you are walking with your friends, observe if he is finding ways to walk beside you in a protective manner.  It is a sign that shows he cares for you.  Rest assured; be happy this guy is into you.

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